Thursday, March 19, 2009

Career Day

During a school day in April, Norton High will be holding a Career Day for students. The Class of 2011 has been given the responsibility of choosing prizes for the various raffles held throughout that day. Our class has been granted $50 to spend on whatever we chose for prizes for the raffles. Below is a list of some ideas so far to spend the prize money on:

*Gift Cards
*Gas Card

If you have any ideas for prizes, please leave a comment. It is greatly appreciated.


tory c said...

emmas?? umm no albertos is way better ..

Anonymous said...

Emma's? try Alberto's they are way awesomer! well, Emma's is good too...but Alberto's is just...yea awsomer is the only word for it

Chrissy said...

I agree with Tory & Kerryn- albertos is better! I think the other ideas sound good too. we can still talk about it at the next meeting.

School To Career said...

Thank you for your input. Please continue to generate ideas. These prizes are for you and I want them to be things you wnat or like.

Mrs. Ellis

Rob S. said...

Thank you all for your ideas and comments.

eanderson said...

wow there are five comments and all it says is that albertos is better than emmas. granted it is, but seriously...

$50 in cash is always good
or two $25 in cash

no candy that's lame

gas card is good- but if it's for sophomores then no

maybe a sling bag

or sweatpants

or instead of DD gift cards we can just by a dozen donuts and give em out, if it were for a small prize

tory c said...

gas cards are good emily, some people will be getting their license VERY soon... (like me!)